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"No Rust" Silage Conveyors
"Our new chain and flight silage conveyors are equipped with wooden troughs, galvanized steel sides, and rubber paddles. They'll last many times longer than conveyors equipped with metal floors," says Dick Harris, of Harris Co., Mineral, Va.
  The troughs come in sections up to 8 ft. long and with chains that have 1/2-in. thick rubber paddles. Options include trough covers made from 20 ga. galvanized steel, declines, hoppers, and wood trough adaptors.
  "You can also make your own wood trough and put our components onto it," say Harris. "All our conveyors are designed to operate with a minimum amount of service. Once a customer has used our conveyors, they don't want anything else."
  Three different models are available. Model LC79 is designed for applications up to 40 ft. long. It has 10-in. rubber paddles inside a trough that's 10 3/4 in. wide. Model C9412 is made of 12-ga. galvanized steel with plywood floors and a drive unit with an enclosed roller chain reduction drive running in oil. The pintle drag chain has 12-in. rubber paddles inside a 12 3/4-in. wide trough. It's designed for applications up to 100 ft. long.
  Model 2020DC is designed for tunnels in silos that unload down a hole in the center of the silo. It has two independent chains running in a 20 3/4-in. wide trough. If one chain gets slack and jumps a cog, the paddles aren't affected. "When this happens to a conventional chain conveyor with two chains, one on each side with a common paddle attached between them, the paddles get bent and twisted. This can't happen with our design because the paddles aren't connected," says Harris.
  Prices start at $540.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harris Co., Inc., 252 Poplar Ave., Mineral, Va. 23117 (ph 540 894-4413).

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