World's First Soft Bathtub
Like to stretch out and soak in a hot tub of water after a tough day? A Seattle firm is offering a new "soft tub" that lets you do just that since it's wider and deeper than most other tubs, insulates the water to keep it hot longer and is soft enough to relax in comfortably.
The secret behind the soft tub is an inch of foam insulation between the outer fiberglass shell and the inner vinyl lining. The vinyl makes the tub comfortable to lie or sit in while the insulation provides a cushioning effect and helps to keep the water hot for up to an hour.
"The main idea behind our tub is to provide comfort, safety and luxury," explains Scott Bortz, founder of The Soft Bathtub Co. "In a regular tub, you can't sit comfortably for long. Also, the water cools very fast. But in our tub, hot water makes the vinyl liner soft and supple and the water stays hot for up to an hour."
Bortz is selling three models of his soft tubs. The New Standard is 60 by 32 by 18 in. (This compares to a regular tub of 60 by 30 by 14 in.) The second model is the Soaking Tub which is 60 by 36 by 20 in. Finally, there is the Double-Wide which is 72 by 48 by 22 in. "The Double-Wide is big enough for at least two people," Bortz explains.
All this comfort and convenience doesn't come cheaply, though. Prices start at $875. The higher priced models Bortz sells include whirlpools. Bortz says at least 70% of his customers order whirlpools and the most popular model by far is the Double-Wide.
The soft tub is available in 40 colors. The vinyl surface cleans easily with a non-abrasive cleanser. Bortz expects the tubs to last many years with normal care. "The insulating urethane foam is the type used to upholster furniture, so it's tough enough to last for a long time," he says.
Bortz is setting up distributorships. Plumbing contractors or individuals can also order soft tubs through the company direct.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Soft Bathtub Company, P.O. Box 81125, Seattle, Wash. 98108 (ph 206 767-3040).

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