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Sensor Lights Up When Bin Is Full
The simple, accurate, Full-Bin Super Sensor lets you know precisely when your bin is full, and it's effective with any size or style of bin, says inventor Laurie Brownlee of Unity, Sask.
  A sensor attached to the auger spout detects when the bin is full and electronically signals a magnetic-mount light located on the auger tubing, or any other convenient location where it's easily visible.
  When setting up, a small indicator light mounted on top of the light box lets you know that you have power to the unit.
  A wiring kit makes it easy to move the sensor and the light from one location to another just by unplugging them.
  The sensor and light are each encased in a durable, sealed housing for protection from weather and tough use. The 12-volt battery on your auger or tractor powers the system.
  "It's safe, fool proof and virtually maintenance free," Brownlee explains. "It can be installed in under an hour and is the most effective, reliable system available today. There's also a 100 dB. (decibel) alarm available that plugs into the light box for people who want this option."
  The Full-Bin Super Sensor is suitable for augers, conveyors, air seeders and leg systems. It sells for $595 (Can.) plus S&H, and is shipped complete with wiring harness, in a 9-in. square box that weighs 12 lbs.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Laurie Brownlee, Brownlee's Trucking Inc., Box 1172, Unity, Sask., Canada S0K 2L0 (ph 877 228-5598 or 306 228-7708 (cell); website: www.fullbinsupersensor.com).

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