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Simple Way To Fill Planters, Drills
Here's a simple way to make a seed-filling spout when loading bulk seed into planters and drills.
  Max Serr was frustrated by the amount of seed he would lose when using a bulk seed bin and auger provided by his local dealer. "They just put a short flexible hose on the end because they don't want their equipment getting damaged with a spout swinging around. The problem is, a lot of seed gets spilled on the ground, especially if it's windy."
  Serr solved the problem by taking a 6-ft. piece of thin-walled 4-in. pvc pipe and cutting it lenghwise from one end to the other. The pipe is flexible enough that you can spread it apart with your hands and insert the downspout into it, yet it closes tight enough to stay on the hose.
  He inserts the auger spout about one third of the way down the pipe. "It swings around easily and lets you work at almost any angle. If the pipe gets hit as you pull the cart forward, no damage will be done. It'll simply swing out of the way," says Serr.
  When he's done, the pipe comes off easily.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Max Serr, 11 N. 750 W., Paul, Ind. 83347.

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