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Snowplow Blade Fits Receiver Hitch
"I used scrap metal to build a very basic snow plow that fits into the receiver hitch on our 4-WD pickup. It was easy to build and the price was right," says Jeff Hoard, Austin, Nevada.

    Hoard says they get numerous 3 to 8-in. snowfalls every winter in their area. "If we don't get the snow off the driveway right away, come spring thaw we'll have big trouble getting in and out of our yard," he notes.

    Hoard fashioned the 10-ft. long, 10-in. high blade out of one side of an I-beam off a mobile home frame. A couple of vertical pipes were added to accept weights in case of a heavy, wet snow. A length of chain, installed at an angle, keeps side strain off the hitch. Thin metal flashing, screwed onto the front of the blade, provides a slick surface for snow to slide on.

    The plow flips up by hand for road transport, and is easy to mount. There's nothing to adjust on it.

    "It trails the vehicle so of course it's not the perfect snowplow, but it does let us clear out driveways fast and comfortably," says Hoard. " On those rare occasions when we get a foot of snow or more, I'll go out and plow at every 4 inches or so at first. I plow a path as wide as possible to provide room for the discharge of later passes, and I still end up with a decent width driving area.

    "I think this same idea could provide a small winter income because you can travel long distances and clear large areas fast.

    "Once I scrounged up the materials it took only about four hours to make. Our Ford 4-WD pickup has no problems with traction. The pickup's tires have an aggressive tread which helps. I rarely have to put it into four-wheel-drive."

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jeff Hoard, Hoard Mfg. Co./HM Ranch, HC 61, Box 6108, Austin, Nevada 89310 (ph/fax 775 217-9264; email: HMfgRanch@gmail.com).

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