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Portable Fan Keeps Grain Bin Air Clean, Cool
Are you tired of working in hot dusty grain bins? Do you hate wearing facemasks that plug up with the dust you're trying not to inhale? If you answered yes to the above, you might want to talk to Darryl Perry. He's invented a portable vent fan that takes the dust and heat out of the bin.
  The 16-in. dia. fan fits in over the bin lid's opening and draws heat and dust out through the opening. "It will completely change the air in a 3,200-bushel bin every 2 1/2 minutes," Wendy Perry, marketing coordinator says, adding that the air volume exchanged is 2,200 cubic feet per minute.
  The 28-lb. fan has four carrying handles and a 50-ft. cord with two clamps at the end that hook to a truck or tractor's 12-volt battery. Straps can be attached to the handles to carry the fan on your back.
  The fan fits most openings between 19 and 24 in. dia. Those with larger openings need an adapter of some sort. "We suggest that you could make a plywood ring to fit around it," Perry says. For smaller openings, she recommends putting an old tire between the lid opening and fan to seal the opening.
  Although not designed to dry or cool grain, they're testing it to learn its capabilities.
  Called "CC Air", the fan sells for $449.99 (Can.) plus S&H. A lighter weight model (19 lbs.) is also available.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Perry Industries, 1010 Gladstone Street, P.O. Box 130, Hawarden, Sask. S0H 1Y0 Canada (ph 306 855-2101; email: sales @perry industries.ca; website: www.perry industries.ca).

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