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Mini Corn Reel Knocks Trash Off Feederhouse
If you've ever had to stop your combine to shake the corn head loose of "stuff" piled on the feederhouse, you might want to take a look at this new Trash Reel designed by Iowa farmers Britt Shelton and Darrel Hay.
  It solves a problem not normally associated with corn reels, which pick up downed corn stalks.
  "This is a different problem," says Shelton, who says that 6 or 7 years ago, he was combining corn when he noticed stuff piling in front of the feederhouse. "It's real fluffy like a pile of leaves. I've seen piles as big as 5 ft. tall and 10 ft. across," he says, adding that he'd have to stop, get off the machine and push the "fluff" off the corn head.
  "What's happened, I think, is that combine manufacturers have made combines bigger and faster and heads are double the size, yet the size of the feederhouse hasn't changed. Also, the heads are all plastic and I think the plastic has a tendency to build up some static electricity. New corn varieties may play a part, too," Shelton says.
  The Trash Reel mounts over the middle five snouts, positioned directly on top of and in front of the feederhouse.
  It attaches to the combine's corn head frame using a clamp-type fastener included with the reel. The Trash Reel's drive hoses plug into the combine's hoses normally used to run the reel on bean heads.
  The reel installs in 15 minutes and never needs to be removed.
  To use, simply unfold, turn it on with the included valve, and continue combining corn. Afterwards, just fold it up on top of the corn header.
  While originally designed for Deere combines, Shelton says he's heard the problem also occurs on Gleaner and IH combines and has brackets to fit on these machines as well.
  Sells for $1,600 plus delivery. Add $175 for 60 series Deere combines for additional "single point connect" valves.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Shelton/Hay LLC., Britt Shelton, 1524 160th St., Woolstock, Iowa 50599 (ph 515 839-5524; email: trashreel@wmtel.net; website: www.trashreel.com).

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