2005 - Volume #29, Issue #2, Page #27
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Add-On Rubber Closing Wheel Brackets

S.I. Distributing also recently introduced All-Weather Seed Closers designed to fit Deere and Kinze no-till planters normally equipped with spiked closing wheels. The seed closers bolt onto the closing wheel frame and are designed to accept rubber closing wheels. They firm the soil 1 1/4 in. wide above the seed to give better seed- to-soil contact. You adjust the down pressure by moving a handle.
  "They allow shallow planting without worry of soil drying out around the seed, while leaving the seed trench sidewall loose for optimum root growth," says Burgei. "Spiked closing wheels work great in wet soil conditions, but in dry soil conditions they can have problems closing the seed trench. The soil just fluffs up on top, leaving air pockets. In those conditions, rubber closing wheels often work better. Rubber closing wheels apply some down pressure to firm up the soil around the seed trench and get rid of air pockets. The seed closers also work great in wet soil conditions with no downpressure."
  The seed closers sell for $110 per row.

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2005 - Volume #29, Issue #2