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Posthole Driver Equipped With Drill
You've never seen a posthole driver like this new Munro Digger-Driver that's equipped with an auger. It lets you drill a pilot hole and then use the driver to pound the post into the hole.
"You can switch from the auger to the driver in seconds," says Levi Van Sambeek. "Because the post is following the pilot hole, it doesn't require as much force, and you end up with straighter posts."
Van Sambeek found the Australian-built Munro post driver while searching the web for fencing equipment. He and his father Leo were looking for a better and faster way to fence their southwestern South Dakota ranch. They were so impressed with the way it worked that within a year they had signed up to be the Australian company's North American distributor.
"We had 1,000 acres to fence, and my dad has a full-time job off the ranch," explains Van Sambeek. "We found we could average 20 to 30 posts per hour with the Munro Digger-Driver, where we were doing pretty good to get five posts an hour with a post hole auger."
The unit features all hydraulic operation including the reversible auger, forward, back and sideways tilt adjustments, and the driver head. A built-in damper cushions the driver head on backstroke for longer cylinder life, while a safety valve allows downward strokes to be stopped at any point without damage to the unit.
Prices range from $6,995 for an 8 1/2-ft. model to $9,295 for an 11-ft. model. Accessories include different size augers, rock cutting auger tips, and a side shift mount that allows the operator to drive along an existing fence.
"The rock cutting tip lets you drill right into shale, hardpan or even sandstone and limestone," says Van Sambeek.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Levi Van Sambeek, Munro Industries, Inc., HCR 89, Box 327-B, Hermosa, S. Dak. 57744 (ph 605 255-4356; website: www. diggerdriver.com).

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