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Zero Turn Mower Steers From The Front
"Our new zero turn mower is equipped with front wheel steering that steers tightly around trees and other obstacles, even at full speed. It's much easier to drive than conventional zero turn mowers, and is much less likely to tear up the grass," says Jeff Huncilman, president of Gizmow Inc., New Albany, Ind.
  The patent pending mower has two steerable caster wheels on front that are linked to the hydraulic motors on back. As the wheels are cranked in either direction, power is adjusted to make a smooth turn.
  "It lets you go from arrow-straight to spin-on-a-dime by simply flicking the steering wheel. And, because it steers just like a car, there's no learning curve," says Huncilman.
  The front steering wheels turn perpendicular to the frame for a true zero turn. A pair of cams attach to the steering shaft. When you turn the steering wheel, the cams act against a roller which mechanically pushes the pump arm backward to slow down the hydraulic motor for that wheel. When you turn the steering wheel far enough, the pump arm will push all the way to reverse, resulting in a true zero turn.
  "It does away with many of the problems associated with conventional zero turn mowers," says Huncilman. "Conventional models are hard to control on rough ground and can slip on hillsides, requiring constant correction. When a conventional zero turn mower goes straight down a hill, weight is transferred to the front caster wheels, which reduces the steering capability. But on the Gizmow mower, the front wheels have enough traction to push the machine in the direction you want to go. As a result, weight is transferred to the rear wheels giving the mower great hillside performance.
  "Another advantage is that you don't have to slow down when working close to walls and curbs. And, you won't tear up the grass when making tight turns."
  Huncilman says the new mower is built heavy. " We wanted to build a Cadillac, not a Hyundai. The mower has an extra-heavy welded mower deck and reinforced frame. The entire unit is undercoated with an automotive E-coat primer. It has a comfortable padded steering wheel and a thick-back suspension seat. An electric actuator lets you raise or lower the deck on-the-go."  
  Two models are available - one with a 52-in. deck and either a 25 or 27 hp engine, and the other with a 61-in. deck and a 27 hp engine.
  Both models sell for less than $8,500.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gizmow Inc., 2072 McDonald Ave., New Albany, Ind. 47151 (ph 866 463-2628; email: jhuncilman@huncilman.com; website: www.gizmow.com).

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