2005 - Volume #29, Issue #2, Page #08
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They Make Their Living "Dowsing" For Water

James and Carol Kuebelbeck of St. Joseph, Minn. make their living entirely from dowsing, - sometimes known as water witching - and say their careers were built on a reputation that comes from 4,000 successful jobs over the past 30 years.
  "Dowsing is very interesting work for us. I first got into it while trying to discredit it," James explains. "Eventually, I learned that I could find water where well drillers and geologists had been unable to."
  The Kuebelbecks generally travel in a 100-mi. radius from their home and charge a flat rate fee for their services, depending on the distance traveled. They perform at least 100 jobs per year, and spend two to four hours working on each job. Kuebelbeck says they always provide clients with the two best drilling locations to choose from.
  "Our job is to keep farmers, ranchers and landowners from spending all their money drilling dry holes. It's very satisfying to be able to do this, especially when you can go out after everyone has given up and find water," he says.
  If you're interested in learning more about dowsing, the Kuebelbecks are members of the American Society of Dowsers, which educates people about the ancient skill.
  With 83 local chapters throughout the United States, the ASD says everyone is born with the capability to dowse, and children up to the age of 16 are almost universally sensitive.
  The group states that up to 20 percent of adults will obtain a dowsing reaction immediately upon trying (if properly instructed beforehand), and others may have to practice for a while. In either case, extensive practice is necessary to obtain a consistent standard of competence.
  The ASD provides assistance, guidance and encouragement to beginners, and promotes scientific research into the dowsing phenomena.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, James Kuebelbeck, 28391 Kelp Rd., St. Joseph, Minn. 56374 (ph 320 363-7564; email: jckueb@netlinkcom.com) or American Society of Dowsers, P. O. Box 24, Danville, Vermont 05828 (ph 800 711-9530 or 802 684-3417; email: asd@dowsers.org; website: www.dowsers.org).

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2005 - Volume #29, Issue #2