2005 - Volume #29, Issue #2, Page #07
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How To Get Into The Wreath-Making Business

If you're looking for a profitable sideline business, you might want to check out the information on wreath-making that's available from the University of Maine.
  University of Maine Forestry Specialist, Jim Philp, says wreath making is a huge business in Maine.
  "Balsam fir is abundant here, as well as in New Brunswick, Quebec and Nova Scotia. As a result, the wreath industry is very strong and active. It's a real network. Millions of wreaths are sold locally, shipped nation-wide or exported," Philp says. "Balsam fir is the material of choice because it is abundant, easy to work with, has an excellent odor when brought indoors and it's attractive. The wreath business is an option for anyone living in any area where balsam fir grows."
  The fact sheets available from the university explain that there are various ways to get into the business. They include: gathering fir branch tips (12 to 20 in. long) and sell them to wreath makers; making wreaths and selling them to a wreath buyer; and making wreaths and selling them directly to consumers.
  Philp suggests that one good way to get started in the business is to watch for newspaper ads from people looking to buy fir tips. Like most things, the market fluctuates, but the recent retail price for a 24-in. Balsam fir wreath was $29.50 plus shipping.
  The University's free fact sheets suggest methods for tip gathering and selling, tools required, and various sources of general business information.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Dept., Publications Distribution Center, 5741 Libby Hall, Room 114, Orono, Maine 04469 (ph 800 287-0274 or 207 581-3792 or 207 581-1110; email: tnelson@umext.maine.edu; website: www.umext.maine.edu/publications/forestrywildlife.htm).

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2005 - Volume #29, Issue #2