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Parmiter Strawgon Subsoiler
Developed by farmer Ferris Whidborne and marketed by Parmiter & Sons Ltd., Wiltshire, England, it uses a twin rotor chopper to chop up straw and bury it in slots created by two trailing subsoiler shanks.
"We wanted a machine that would get straw out of the way without changing our basic cultivation practices. This machine performs two vital field operations chopping straw and subsoiling in one pass. Also, because the chopper mows the field as it chops, combine operators can set the header higher, improving combine performance," says Whidborne, noting that the blades chew the straw up into 2-in. lengths which blow easily into the 4-in. wide slots.
The prototype Strawgon is 8 ft. wide and fitted with two subsoiler shanks on 4-ft. centers. The twin rotor straw chopper is fitted with J-shaped blades on the bottom rotor and twisted flat flails at the top. They chop straw into a divided chute which guides it into the two slots created by the subsoilers. At least 90% of the straw is deposited between 8 and 14 in. below the soil so that toxins, which are produced by the rotting straw, cannot affect germination of the next crop. And yet, as the company points out, the nutrient value of the straw is not lost. A 120-hp. tractor is needed to power the Strawgon and, at 5 mph, it'll cover 4.8 acres an hour.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, P.J. Parmiter & Sons Ltd., Station Works, Tisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 6QZ England (ph 0747 870821).

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