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Tractor Powered By Old Washing Machine Engines
"We get lots of attention in parades,"says Dale Luttig, Emmet, Kan., who built a minitractor using six 2-cyl.gas-powered Maytag washing machine engines.
Luttig collects old engines and had 40 or more Maytags when he got the idea of using six of them to build a tractor.
"I first took the engines apart and replaced any worn parts, installing new rings and condensers in several of them and replacing spark plugs. Some of the motors had cast iron fuel tanks and some aluminum. I replaced the aluminum ones with cast iron because of the way I wanted to mount the motors on the frame of the tractor.
"I built a frame and fitted it with a Cushman 3-speed transmission and differential. I had to narrow the differential up about 1 ft. The frame welds to the differential and the Cushman transmission mounts just ahead of it, connected with a flex coupler. Ahead of the transmission, I put a jack shaft which connects to the transmission with a Subaru flywheel clutch and pressure plate. I took the hub out of the Cushman clutch and put it on the Subaru clutch so it would fit the splines on the transmission.
"Six 9-in. V-pulleys mount on the jack shaft which runs under the engines. The motors belt-drive the pulleys and each is fitted with an individual belt tightener. The pulleys. provide 3 to 1 gear reduction off the motors, which are governed to run at 1,800 rpm's. All the cranks were left on the motors except one. Two or three motors are started with the crank, then the rest are started by engaging them with the belt tighteners. Ford wheels were put on the back with 13-in. tires. There are hydraulic brakes on the rear.
"The exhaust from each motor goes into a single manifold that connects to a single 5 in. chrome stack. The noise and smoke are much greater than the power of the tractor but it will pull up a moderate incline with two people on it. The tractor runs 7 to 8 mph in high gear on the level.
"It's painted original Maytag dark green. We take it to parades and shows."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale Luttig, Rt. l, Box 22, Emmett, Kan. 66422.

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