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Hollow Center Baler
A Colorado company has developed a new square baler that forms a 10-in. dia. hole down the center of big square bales.
.Winco Manufacturing Company's Vern Meyer says the new baler lets farmers bale at higher moisture levels and then dry bales in storage. "It lets bales cure from the inside as well as the outside for uniform curing and also reduces hard spots and mildew."
The new machine makes 4 by 4-ft. bales in 1-ft. increments from 4 to 8 ft. long. "Our continuous flow compressing system forms layered flakes with less leaf loss than conventional plunger or roller balers. Bales are tied with an exclusive floating needle and tying system that maintains constant sensing of bale pressure throughout the baling process. It enables us to provide continuous flow baling," says Meyer.
Power requirements are as low as 60 hp.
"That's because we use simple drives with 70 percent fewer moving pans, resulting in lower maintenance costs," adds Meyer.
The baler is equipped with a 6 1f2-fi wide pickup and either an air-controlled tying system or a new patent pending plastic clip banding system that eliminates the need for the expensive tying and knotting de-vices.
The company has built 5 prototypes that have been tested over the past several years. They're hoping to form a joint venture with an existing manufacturer to complete final testing and bring the baler on the market later this year. Meyer estimates production machines will sell for around $25,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Winco Manufacturing, 6906 Rodney, Windsor, Colo. 80550 (ph 303 493-6469).

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