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Dog House Heater
After trying everything on the market to keep his dogs warm in winter, Mike Hill decided to make his own heater. It worked so well he put it on the market, calling it the Hound Heater.
  "I've been using mine for years and I've never had a dog destroy or damage one," he says.
  The heater is basically a powder-coated metal box with a light bulb in it. A 60-watt bulb produces approximately 230 btu's of heat at a cost of about $3 a month running 24 hours a day. "I turn it on in the fall and don't turn it off until the bulb burns out or until spring," he says, adding that a good bulb will run about 5,000 hours.
  "It's amazing how many people have said, ŠI look in on my dog and she's curled up right under it,'" Hill says. He recommends installing it in the upper corner of the dog house.
  The Hound Heater comes in two sizes: 9 in. sq. and 5 in. sq. Both sell for $49.95 plus S&H. An adjustable temperature control is available for $19.95.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Akoma Dog Products, 16848 239th Ave., Big Lake, Minn. 55309 (ph 763 263-3669; email: mhill@connections-etc.net; website: www.houndheater.com).

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