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Device Turns Tires Into Feedbunks, Fence Strips
A new attachment that fits any half-inch electric drill turns tractor tires into feedbunks and makes rubber strips out of car tires for use as fencing.
Invented by Ken Winans, Binghamton, N.Y. the new drill attachment essentially works like a can opener. The slicing wheel that does the actual cutting is not powered. A set of gears, which slow action of the drill, clamps down onto the underside of the tire edge being cut and walks the drill around the edge of the tire. The slicing wheel turns through the cut, cleanly severing the tire sidewall.
By cutting off the upper lip of a tractor tire you get a more open feeding area that can be more easily cleaned out by cattle.
"You can cut tires where they lie. A 97-lb. weakling can use it. It's portable and doesn't tie up the drill. Just chuck the drill on it and you're ready to go to work," says Winans.
He makes a business of recycling old tires and other rubber products, such as conveyor belts. He cuts them into strips which he then remanufactures into attractive doormats. (See FARM SHOW Vol. 8, No. 5). He has also come up with a hand-operated tool for cutting the sidewalls off tractors tires that requires a little more muscle power but gets the job done (See Vol. 8 No. 6).
The new drill attachment uses a jeweler's saw blade that'll last "virtually forever".
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ken Winans, Box 1815, Binghamton, N.Y. 13902 (ph 607 722-0054).

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