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Auger Drive Unit Speeds Bin Unloading
You can move grain in a big way without tieing up a tractor or a worker with this new portable pto power unit with auto shut-off, says Bary Belknap, farmer-inventor.
  The auger drive unit is designed to be pulled behind any ATV or pickup and is equipped with a side-mounted pto shaft that takes the place of a small tractor. An electric motor belt-drives the pto shaft.
  A control panel at the back of the unit connects to a cable that runs to a sensor in your grain cart or truck. The sensor tells the auger drive when the cart or truck is full. At that point, it shuts down both your pto-operated auger and electric-operated bin discharge auger. The unit doesn't provide power to the discharge auger, but it does turn it on and off automatically.
  "It lets you empty your bins faster and more economically because you can use it to fill a grain cart without anyone there and then load trucks from the cart, which goes much faster than loading directly out of the bin," says Belknap. "It's a good alternative to a grain vac or elevator leg. The unit is smaller than an ATV and will fit in places inaccessible to even the smallest yard tractors. On hard surfaces you can wheel it around by hand."
  The unit is built to order. Options include motors with various horsepower ratings, single or 3-phase electricity, and varying pto shaft speeds. The company says it will also take orders for electronics or mechanicals only.
  The price for a 10 hp model is $3,500.    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Barry Belknap, TFI, 1077 Belle Mar Dr., West Des Moines, Iowa 50266 (ph 866 611-2882 or 515 727-1754; email: barry_belknap@msn.com).

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