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Plastic Liner Keeps Hay Moving Through Mower
The hassle of trying to clean hay out of a plugged-up mower prompted Don Pudwill, Leola, S. Dak., to build a "super slide" plastic liner for his New Holland hydroswing mower. It worked so well he recently began manufacturing the liners for sale.
  "It virtually eliminates plugging and saves a lot of hassle and downtime," says Pudwill.
  The liners are made from heavy duty plastic and come pre-drilled. Installation requires removing the reel and drilling holes into the machine, then bolting the liner on. It takes about one hour.
  They're designed for both hay conditioners and hydroswing mowers from 14 to 18 ft. long, and can be custom made for virtually any brand or model including New Holland, MacDon, Hesston, etc.
  A liner designed for a 16-ft. hydroswing mower sells for $160 plus S&H.
  "It ensures a constant, even flow of material and is an inexpensive solution to a big problem," says Pudwill. "Unplugging a mower is irritating to no end because the hay gets plugged in there so tight. A lot of times the only way you can unplug it is to pull single strands of hay out one at a time. The problem is even worse if you have a lot of gopher mounds or ant hills. The dirt will hang up on the inside of the machine and won't allow hay to feed through like it should. The poly liner allows dirt to keep moving through, along with the hay. It won't make your mower 100 percent plug proof but it will make a big difference. We've installed many liners on new mowers that haven't even cut one acre yet, because the owners won't even take the machine out to the field until they're lined.
  "It's designed for both newer and older machines. It also saves wear and tear on the machine because you don't have as many big wads of material going through the rollers and crimpers."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Plastic Works, 11449 359th Ave., Leola, S. Dak. 57456 (ph 605 439-3561).

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