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Trailer Built To Haul Undergroung Blaster
Robert Binning, Atwood, Kansas ph 785 626-8047: "My Rodenator Pro, which I bought last April, is my best buy (Meyer Industries, Midvale, Idaho ph 800 750-4553; www.rodenator.com). It's designed to destroy gophers and other destructive burrowing animals and consists of a 4 1/2-ft. long wand that mixes oxygen with propane. It uses an electronic solid state ignition system powered by two 9-volt batteries to develop a large controlled spark at the end of the wand, which ignites the gases in the tunnel system.
  "I use it to kill gophers in alfalfa fields. One thing I wasn't as impressed with was the company's 2-wheeled cart that's designed to carry the wand and all the accessories. It's small and built too light. So I paid $1,000 to have a friend of mine build a trailer for me.
  "The trailer measures 5 ft. wide by 7 ft. long and rides on 16-in. wheels. It has a steel floor with metal brackets on front and back to contain the oxygen and acetylene tanks. Rubber and nylon straps hold the tanks down. A bracket on one side of the trailer supports the wand, which rests inside styrofoam holders to keep it from getting scratched up. An automatic hose reel bolts to the floor on back, as well as a shovel-holding bracket.
  "I pull the trailer behind either my ATV or pickup and have a different hitch for each vehicle."

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