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Rat Zapper Trap
T. Smith, Portland, Oregon: He likes his Rat Zapper trap (Professional Pest Control Products, Pensacola, Fla. 32526 ph 800 434-4555; www.pestproducts.com). It operates on four AA alkaline batteries. To set it, you place a small amount of dry pet food at the rear of the trap. When you turn on the unit, the red light will first blink and then stay on letting you know the trap is set and ready for action. Place the trap on a flat surface against a wall. Once the rodent enters the Rat Zapper, the trap senses the presence of the animal and gives it a lethal electric jolt. The trap's red light will now blink, letting you know you have a dead rodent in the trap. You can empty the trap by turning it upside down, allowing the dead rat or mouse to slide out.
  "I was skeptical of this product when I bought it, but it worked so amazingly well that I bought another one for our barn. It's quick, effective and humane. It gives rats a ęshocking' dining experience," he says.
  "My 2002 Land Rover Discovery SUV is my worst buy. My wife liked these vehicles so we purchased one. In my opinion they're extremely overrated and lack some very basic functions found in other vehicles. The engine is underpowered and just slugs along. The real problem, though, is customer service at the dealer level. They overpromise and underdeliver, and they're rude. Next time I'll buy a Ford."

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