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On-The-Go Leaf Shredder
Tired of raking leaves and carrying them away? David Smith's leaf shredder not only picks them up, it also shreds them on-the-go.
"I can blow them into the shredder with the mower deck on, drop down the chute and rake them in. We can also use the flexible hose to suck them in," explains Smith.
The gas-powered shredder blows the leaf bits through a dust collector where they settle into the cargo box. When the box is full, Smith simply drives his mower/shredder combo to a field owned by a neighboring farmer who lets him drop the leaves in a field.
"I used 2-in. angle iron to build the trailer to hold the chipper shredder and the 3 by 5 by 4-ft. plywood cargo box," says Smith. "The frame is welded to a rigid axle made from a 1-in. round steel rod. The wheels are trailer wheels with built-in bearings."
Smith welded an adapter on the grass discharge of his mower deck that fits a 7-in. flexible metal hose. The hose runs to the leaf hopper of the shredder. It can be detached from the mower and used like a vacuum hose to suck leaves into the shredder.
At the discharge end of the shredder, Smith attached a blower pipe off an old hammermill. The dust collector off the hammermill is attached to the top of the leaf collection box. Shredded leaves and leaf dust fall through the dust collector and into the storage box.
"Not counting the chipper shredder, I may have $50 in it, and it works great," says Smith.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David W Smith, 6785 Susquehanna Trail South, York, Penn. 17403 (ph 717 428-0194; email: smith@nfdc.net).

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