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They Use Foam To Clean Up
After years of selling high pressure washing equipment to hog producers and others, Lenny Brazil went looking for something that would do the job faster and easier. He came up with "TNT Barn Clean," a foam cleaner that breaks down dirt and grime on contact.
  "Customers say they spend 15 to 20 percent less time power washing and it does a better job," says Brazil. "The thick foam attaches to surfaces and then penetrates and releases the dirt. Everything just comes out brighter.
  "You can use an existing pressure washer to drive the system," says Brazil, adding that besides barn cleaning, customers use it on equipment siding and anything else that needs cleaning. "We recommend a minimum pressure of 2,000 psi at 4 gpm's, but it will work with as little as 1,000 psi."
  The foaming kit consists of a foaming lance, trigger gun, injector, 55-gallon barrel of cleaner, and drum pump. The full kit sells for $540 with additional barrels of cleaner priced at $275.
  The injector hooks onto an existing power washer with the lance and gun replacing the usual high-pressure wand. Once the machine is turned on, a siphon hose from the injector is inserted into a container of cleaner.
  "It comes out like a big foam bath with a pleasant smell," says Brazil. "Once you have the foam laid down, you switch to high pressure and rinse it off."
  He reports that some users "foam and go" while others lay down a coating of foam and let it sit before washing away foam and dissolved grime. Where heavy residue has built up, Brazil suggests soaking it down, foaming and then letting the foam work before washing it off.
  "We applied foam on part of a feeding unit and not on the rest and then went over the entire thing with high pressure," he reports. "When it dried, you could see where the foam had been applied and where it hadn't. Even with high pressure, you don't get the fine material off without the foam releasing it."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TNT Sales and Service, 321 N. Floyd Ave., Hinton, Iowa 51024 (ph 866 543-4220; email: TNTFoos@aol.com; website: www.tntsales .net).

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