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Handy Bale Mover Loads And Unloads Itself
If you'd like to be able to haul bales with your pickup, ATV, or garden tractor, you'll like this single-bale mover that loads and unloads a single bale. It can handle both round and big square bales and can be pulled behind any pickup.
  The 2-wheeled "Bale-A-Haul" is equipped with a hinged metal claw that grabs onto bales.
  To load, you back up so a short tooth on the back slides under the bale and then pull on a rope and stop. The sudden stop causes a big claw on top to swing down over the bale. To unload, you back up and pull on the rope at the same time which will cause the bale to roll out.
  "It doesn't actually pick up the bale as much as it rolls it on, which is why you can operate it with only a garden tractor," says inventor Jim McCrabb. "Once you've loaded the bale you can go down the road at 55 mph. The reason the claw doesn't come down when you unload the bale is that you don't back far enough for the claw to go over-center."
  Sells for $1,500.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, McCrabb Probe-A-Load, Inc., 121 W. 3rd St., West Liberty, Iowa 52776 (ph 800 627-7623; email: jmccrabb@lcom.net).

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