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Lawn Mower Blade Tools
Here's a handy set of tools I've been using to sharpen lawn mower blades.
  I spotted them in a recent J.C. Whitney catalog and have been using them for several months.
  In the past I just sharpened blades on a grinding wheel. While that works, it's hard to do it evenly and I worried about blades getting unbalanced and putting undue strain on the motor and bearings.
  The kit consists of two parts: a sharpener wheel that mounts in an electric drill chuck and a balancer for checking your work.
  The sharpener has a beveled grinding stone and a plastic disk just behind it that you place against the back of the blade as you move along, sharpening. It can be used to sharpen other blades, too. Fits 1/4 and 3/8-in. drills.
  The balancer consists of a pyramid-shaped top part that floats freely on an upright pin. You set the blade on the top part and it settles down to the right level, depending on the size of its center hole. If the blade is sharpened evenly, it'll stay level. If it tilts, you can sharpen a bit more material off the heavier side.
  I paid $3.99 for each tool.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J.C. Whitney, www.jcw.com. (ph 800 603-4383) Mark Newhall, Editor

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