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Trivia Board Game For Horse Lovers
I've come up with a trivia board game for horse lovers that will truly challenge their knowledge. It's called "Whoa Equivia."
  The object of the game is to answer horse trivia questions to move clockwise around the board. The first person to the "winner's circle" wins.
  The trivia cards are based on three levels of difficulty: novice, intermediate, and pro. Each card has six different categories.
  Here's an example of the questions (and answers) you'll face:
•  What are three methods for breeding horses? (pasture, hand, artificial insemination)
•  What are the three gaits performed in a trail class? (walk, trot, lope)
•  What year was it proven by pictures that 4 legs were off the ground at the same time when galloping? (1872)
•  What kind of horse is considered to be "lacking in intelligence"? (Jughead)
•  What is the world's largest single-breed horse show? (All American Quarter Horse Congress)
•  What is the person who walks along a disabled rider to assist them called? (Sidewalker)
  The game costs $37.00 plus S&H. (Spokes N Spurs, P.O. Box 369, Hinkley, Minn. 55037 ph 320 245-0161;
website: www.spokesnspurs.com; email: sp-n-sp@spokesnspurs.com)

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