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Ford Pickup Repowered with GM Diesel
"In 1983, at 200,000 plus miles, my 1972 Ford heavy-duty F-250 3/4-ton 4-WD pickup needed an engine. I installed a 6.2 GM diesel, attaching it to the present 4 speed manual shift transmission and it worked out fine," says George D .Pemberton, Eldorado, Ill.
"The clutch housing was 1/2 in. shorter on the GM than the Ford so I fabricated a steel plate to fit in between. The GM clutch housing hole was larger than the Ford at the rear where it fits over the transmission so it necessitated machining a 5/16 shim, which was turned out of a D8 Caterpillar piston, to true up the alignment, which had to be perfect. The Ford clutch was used with the GM pressure plate. I also machined a Ford pilot bearing to fit the GM flywheel.
"The motor mounts were moved forward on the frame to accommodate the larger diesel engine. The radiator mounting frame was enlarged to acommodate the much larger diesel radiator and oil cooler combination, plus different mounting brackets were fabricated.
"The fuel tank was removed, steamed and a diesel return line installed for the returning fuel. A secondary fuel filter was installed as required and an adaptor was made to attach Ford's footfeed to GM's cable control. A second battery box was installed on the left fender, as it takes two large batteries to whirl this engine.
"To date this conversion has worked extremely well and fuel consumption is about 80 percent less than with gasoline. One improvement it could use is a fifth gear and a better starter, which seems to be the weakest part of the engine.
"In 1984 I made a similar conversion on a 1974 1/2-ton Ford, only using a 5.7 GM diesel engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. This was much easier done, but did necessitate lengthening the jackshaft 4 in. Mileage per gallon on this conversion increased 120 percent.
"At present I'm looking for a light 6 cyl. diesel to install in a 1979 Lincoln Versailles, in place of the present 302 engine. Would appreciate hearing from any readers with ideas."
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, George D. Pemberton, 495 Francis Rd Eldorado, Ill. 62930 (ph 618 647-2571).

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