Sicklebar Mower Adapted To ATV
"I use it to cut along roadside ditches. It mounts right in front of me so I don't get a sore neck from looking back all the time," says Dale Depee, Somers, Mont., about the 4-ft. sicklebar he mounted on front of his Polaris Sportsman ATV.
  Depee describes himself as an "auction sale' junky and says he had been looking for just the right mower for his ATV. He didn't want a pull-type mower deck because the ATV would push down the grass before cutting. Finally one day he spotted a 4-ft. sicklebar designed to mount behind a larger garden tractor equipped with a pto. He bought the sicklebar and took it home, where he removed the pto hardware so he could drive it with an engine.
  A few months earlier, he had bought an ATV 4-ft. snowblower attachment powered by a 10 hp gas engine. He used the snowblower's engine and mounting system to mount the sicklebar on front of the ATV.
  "It does a nice job cutting and, because it's in front of me, I can see rocks and stumps and swerve to miss them," says Depee. "The entire unit weighs about 75 lbs., which my ATV handles well. I use a winch on front to lift it up. I've used it to cut two miles of ditches along our road. One change I made was to replace the 10 hp engine with a 5 hp one, because that's all it needs. I spent a total of about $100 which I think was well spent."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale D. Depee, 209 Buffalo Trail, Somers, Mont. 59932 (ph 406 857-2092; email:

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