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Look What They've Done With Chain Saw Chain
"It'll outwear and outperform carbide and other conventional cutting blades," says Saw-Tech Industries of its revolutionary all-purpose cutting blade that uses chainsaw style chain to do the cutting.
Called the Beaver Blade, it's billed as "the blade for all reasons" because of its versatility. It can be be used on power saws, and on gas-powered brush cutters designed for metal cutting blades.
"It's especially good for either flex or straight shaft brush and weed cutters," says Cherilyn Walden, Saw-Tech vice president of marketing. Developed in Oklahoma, the new-style blade "cuts longer between sharpenings than quality carbide blades due to its severe hollow ground effect which prevents drag caused by residue buildup. The Beaver Blade inhibits severe kickback and also inihibits grass and weeds from wrapping around the arbor, which are common problems with conventional brush blades.
"The chain can be resharpened repeatedly - without having to remove it. When the chain does wear out, you don't have to buy a new blade only a replacement chain, which is easily installed using a hammer and punch," Walden explains.
She cites the following additional key features of the new Beaver Blade:
"The blade body and chain revolve as one unit, eliminating heat and friction. Consequently, very little, if any, stretching of the chain occurs, and the chain doesn't have to be oiled during operation.
"The blade has a built-in clutch action which allows the chain to slip slightly around the blade body when a cutter hits something it can't cut, a feature designed to help prevent damage to the blade or expensive cutting equipment. For this reason, other brands of chain won't fit the Beaver Blade.
"The kerf of the Beaver Blade is 1/32 to 1/8 in. wider than that of conventional blades. Used on power saws, the chain blade doesn't leave a satin smooth cut such as would be needed for a glued butt joint or very fine detail work. However, the cut is surprisingly smooth and far exceeds anything you might normally expect from a chain saw chain," Walden points out.
The Beaver Blade and chain is available in 7 in. dia. ($19.95); 9 in. ($23.95); 10 in. ($29.95); and 12 in. dia. ($34.95). All blades come with a standard 1 in. dia. center hole, and with reduction bushings for 3/4, 5/8 and 1/2 in. shafts. Cost of replacement chain ranges from $9.95 (7 in. dia.) to $18.95 (12 in. dia.).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Saw-Tech Industries Inc., 1141 SE Grand Blvd., Suite 122, Oklahoma City, Okl. 73129 (ph toll free 1 800 443-0187; in Oklahoma, call 405 670-4848).

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