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Inexpensive Grain Test Weight Scale
Here's a handy grain test weight scale for checking grain quality which you can carry in your combine or pickup without fear of breakage. Best of all, it costs just $24.95 and is nearly as accurate as official elevator scales costing several hundred dollars.
The scale was designed by grain farmer Dave Berckes of Canby, Minn. He's having them manufactured from tough, ABS plastic the same material used to make telephones.
Here, according to Berckes, is a run-down of the chief uses for the handy new scale:
•"It's great for accurately checking and comparing crop varieties for yield.
•"Test weight is a good indicator of quality. A crop with a high test weight is usually high in protein. This is especially true with wheat.
•"It's handy for finding bin and silo capacities. For example, a bin will hold fewer bushels of low test weight grain.
•"It can be used for checking grain quality for blending when selling or feeding."
Berckes notes that his scale can be used to check test weight on most grains, including corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, oats, barley, flax and sorghum. "It's extremely accurate within 1% of official scales," he told FARM SHOW.
The new Berckes scale is easy to use. You simply fill the canister with the grain to be tested without packing the grain. Level the cone-topped canister with your hand or a straight-edge and lift the scale by the support ring. Move the adjustable weight until the bubble indicates the beam is level. Test weight can be read at the center of the weight in either metric or standard units.
Sells for $24.95, plus $2 for shipping and handling.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Berckes Mfg., RR 3, Box 228, Canby, Minn. 56220 (ph 507 223-7754).

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