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Teaching Video For Dog Owners
"It'll work for do-it-yourself training of any breed of dog with a natural herding instinct, such as a Border Collie, Kelpie or Australian Shepard," says Russel Graves, a dog-training expert who has captured the "how to" of dog training on a two-hour long video tape. It stars Graves, who has raised and trained Border Collies for 12 years, and his own dog "Sam".
The video's first tip is to "spend $100 to $300 on a well-bred pup and then go to work." If your dog will be working both cattle and sheep, Graves advises training first on sheep, then cattle. "If you start with cattle and then go to sheep, the dog generally will be too rough for the sheep," he notes.
Ten lessons for "beginner" trainers and dogs cover everything from the basics, such as teaching your dog to drop and chase a rag, to flanking, outruns and how to spot and correct mistakes. For the more advanced dog trainer, Graves is working on another video which will show driving, cross driving, shedding, sending livestock out of sight, and more.
The just-released video for beginners sells for $39.95,plus $2 shipping. Available VHS or Beta.
For more information, contact FARM SHOW Followup, Russel Graves, Box 26A-F, Hardtner, Kan. 67057 (ph 316 296-4645).

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