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Repair Anything Made of Aluminum
You can repair virtually anything made of aluminum or aluminum alloy with easy-to-use Alum-Nu welding rod.
"Works great on aluminum irrigation pipe, motor housings, oil pans and dozens of other products made of aluminum," explains Larry Smith, president of Agricultural Industrial Marketing (AIM), Bromfield, Colo. "No special knowledge or skill is required to use Alum-Nu and you don't need any acid, flux or other additives.
The secret is to rub the rod vigorously with a scrubbing motion around the area to be repaired to build up an excess of melted rod around the break."
For large holes or cracks, a patch may be required. To repair thick or cast aluminum, you simply bevel the edges, whether it be a crack, hole or two pieces of metal. Vertical repairs can be made with Alum-Nu, which has a tensile strength of 45,000 psi.
One box of 5 rods sells for $12 per box.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Agricultural Industrial Marketing, Jeffco Airport, Exec. Bldg., Bromfield, Colo. 80020 (ph. 303 466-6218).

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