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Build Yourself A Concrete Fence
"It looks great around farms," says the manufacturer of a new type of concrete fence that "requires less maintenance than wooden fences and looks better than woven wire and chain link fence."
Concrete posts and rails, from Fleming Manufacturing in Cuba, Mo., are made of a reinforced, pressure poured concrete made with a special machine. The concrete can be colored as it's mixed, or coated after it sets up with a durable white paint mixture that'll last for years.
Fleming's Panel King fence is made with a special concrete mix that won't chip or crack under normal usage, says a company spokesman. If horses or cattle begin rubbing on it, owners string an electric wire along the back side of one rail where rubbing is the worst. Animals quickly-learn to leave the fence alone and the wire only needs to be electrified occasionally.
Posts are 5 5/8 by 6 in. and 93 in. long for a four-rail fence. Posts for two and three rail fences are somewhat shorter, but about one-third of the post length (at least 2 ft.) should be set in the ground. Thus, a four-rail fence is high enough to turn horses. To control small animals, a light woven wire can be stretched along the back side of the fence.
Rails are 2 1/2 by 5 1/2 in. by 8 ft. long. Rails 10 and 12 ft. long can be made for special purposes, such as crossing ditches, etc., but the 8-ft. spacing is recommended for most installations. A 3/8-in. reinforcing bar runs through each rail.
Posts can be set directly in soil, or concrete can be poured around the base for more stability. Crushed lime-stone can also be used to secure the posts. It hardens almost like concrete, yet the posts can still be removed later if necessary.
Fleming's Panel King fence machine uses a continuous process to turn out up to three rails per cycle every 1 to 1 1/2 min. Up to 960 rails, or as many as 320 posts, can be made in an 8 hr. shift, usually with only four or five workers. Machines are being franchised around the country.
For more information on the machines, or the concrete fence they produce, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Fleming Mfg. Co., Fleming Ave., Cuba, Mo. 65453 (ph 314 885-3311).

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