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They Keep Broilers & Layers On Pasture
When they first started hearing about the idea of raising poultry on pasture, dairy producers Tom and Sue VandenBergh liked the idea because of the low cost of production. It seemed like a good business for producing products they could market direct to the public. What's more, it was something the whole family could help operate. Even their 3-year-old daughter helps feed the chickens.
  Most farmers with "pastured poultry" produce broilers in pens on wheels which they move from place to place as needed. The VandenBerghs went one step further when they built a "rolling shed" for layer hens. The metal-sided rolling small shed was built on an old wagon gear. There's a ramp up into the shed for the chickens, who roam freely during the day, feeding on grass and insects around the shed. They lay eggs in wooden nests hanging off the back side of the shed. The nests are at a height that makes it easy for the eggs to be gathered.
  The rolling hen house is moved daily to a new spot in the pasture. Takes just minutes daily to feed and pick eggs.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tom & Sue VandenBergh, 15261 E. 21st. Rd., Witt, Ill. 62094 (ph 217 594-2570).

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