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Lightning Fast Internet Comes to the Country
Surfing the internet over a standard phone line can be more than frustrating. It's often a big waste of time.
  On the other hand, surfing the net on a high-speed connection that's always "on" can change your life in many ways. Most people who've had a high-speed connection say they'd never go back.
  The problem is that even if you are willing to pay the higher cost, in most areas there has been no practical way to get a high-speed connection in the country. But that's been changing fast.
  Agri-Star is a satellite-based system that only does internet - no TV. What's more, it's geared to farmers and ranchers, with channels of information tailored to farm businesses. The company started signing up customers on a trial basis last August and quickly found customers in 23 states and counting. Starting in January, 2003, they rolled out the service nationwide. It's generally 20 times faster than a phone line.
  The system requires a small satellite TV-type dish. Basic service costs $69 a month if you commit to one year. Equipment and installation costs range from $299 to $699, depending on various promotions in different areas.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, AgriStar, 541 North Fairbanks Court, Suite 1850, Chicago, Ill. 60611 (ph 312 595-1200; Website: www.agristar.com; E-mail: info@ agristar.com).
  Other satellite-based internet services include DirecWay, offered by DirectTV (www.direcway.com or 866 487-4444) and Starband, which was once part of the Dish Network but is now on its own (www.starband.com or 800 478-2722).

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