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Repair To Hydraulic Tract Adjuster on Bull Dozer
W.A. Gibbs, Elmwood, Tenn.: "When one of the bolts broke in on one side of the front part of the engine housing on my Deere 1530 tractor, I found that I couldn't drill the bolt off. I tightened the other bolts, but they wouldn't stay tight so I had a problem. The engine housing was connected to the tractor's steering sector, so removing it would have been a lot of work. To solve the problem, I used a pair of 7-in. channel irons to hold the engine block and transmission together. One channel iron bolts to the block and the other to the transmission. The channel irons are connected by a pair of long bolts that are used to draw the engine housing and transmission tight together. It equalizes pressure on both sides of the engine and transmission, so the bolts on the channel irons have no pressure on them at all. All the pressure is on the original side-mounted bolts.
  "When the hydraulic track adjuster on my bull dozer blew its packing, I fixed it by installing a pair of metal plates that hold the track in place and keep it at just the right tightness. Four bolts - two of them on top of the hydraulic adjuster and two of them below - keep each plate in place on both ends of the track adjuster."

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2002 - Volume #26, Issue #6