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Half Price Silage Stuffer
That "half price" silage stuffer we told you about in FARM SHOW a year ago The Max-Pac is "coming along great", according to Maynard Good, manufacturer.
"We had 10 prototypes in the field last year and have built 25 additional machines which will go to the field this spring," Good told FARM SHOW two weeks ago.
The Max-Pac is priced at $9,700, which is well below half the cost of competing machines.
"One of our suppliers goofed up when fabricating the auger flighting so we ended up taking back two of the 10 prototypes. That problem has been corrected. We also had some quality control problems with our supplier of plastic bags. We solved that problem by switching to a new supplier."
A key feature of the Max-Pacis its simplicity. It takes two men to mount the plastic bag but, after that, one man does it all," says Good. "The machine, 8 ft. wide, hooks behind a tractor (60 hp or larger) for towing to the work area. Once there, you simply start it up and start filling no backstops, cables, relocating, or gearboxes, and no trial and error. Anyone who knows how to unload silage into a hopper can fill plastic bags with the Max-Pac. This is a hungry machine. It takes forage faster than a blower. A two-row chopper can't keep up."
Good notes that an exclusive feature of the Max-Pac is a blower that keeps the bag inflated during filling: "The machine moves silage into the inflated bag with a compression process. It produces both a direct and a lateral thrust to give a complete, even pack, inside thebag. Since there are no cables, there is no chaffing of the bag and no concern if the bag is not perfectly straight. When the bag is full, you're all done. There is nothing in the Machine to clean out. Just tie the bag.
"We've packed about one ton per foot of bag but moisture content will cause that to vary," Good points out. "This isn't as much as claims I've heard for other machines but, when a Max-Pac filled bag is opened, the feed stands in a good, vertical wall. We think our less-dense pack is an advantage. After all, feed packed as hard as concrete, that has to be hacked out with a loader or chain saw,does not make the best feed," explains Good.
For more information, con-tact: FARM SHOW Followup. AgriMarketing/Development. Maynard Good, 23257 Co. Road 18 East, Route 7, Elkhart, Ind. 46516 (ph 219 875-5697).

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