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Siphon Tube Keeps Beavers From Damming Up Creek
We had a problem with beavers damming up a creek and causing flooding. To solve it, I made a siphon tube by gluing two 10-ft. lengths of 4-in. pvc pipe together with a 45? angle in the middle. I put it over the dam and started the siphon by pulling it forward with one end of the pipe sealed, then pushing it back unsealed. I put 3 tubes in my large beaver dam and the level dropped a foot in 24 hrs. The beavers can't hear the water flowing so they don't cut more trees down, or build the dam higher, and they haven't figured out how to plug the pipes. When starting the siphon it's important to keep one end of the pipe tilted slightly upward so all the air gets out before the water comes. Another point is to keep both ends under water so there is no noise. (Lee Boettger, Box 108, Rose Prairie, B.C. V0C 2H0 Canada ph 250 827-3661; E-mail: boettger@telus.net)

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2002 - Volume #26, Issue #6