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ATV-Mounted Saw Makes Land Clearing Fun
Ron Cole wanted to get rid of small cedar trees growing wild in his pastures without spending a lot of money. So the Vici, Okla., farmer hit on the idea of mounting a saw on front of his 4-wheeler ATV.
  "It works fast and is small enough that I can use it in areas where larger machines can't go," says Cole, who mounts the saw on a Polaris 4-WD 500.
  The one-of-a-kind rig consists of a 14-in. dia., carbide-tipped circular blade that's belt-driven by an 8 hp Briggs & Stratton gas engine. Both the blade and engine mount on an aluminum deck, which bolts to a steel frame attached permanently to the underside of the 4-wheeler. An electric winch raises and lowers the saw blade. A foot-controlled clutch engages or disengages the blade.
  "It really works slick. I can cut small trees on-the-go without even coming to a complete stop," says Cole. "I've saved thousands of dollars by being able to clear trees myself instead of having to buy an expensive machine or pay someone else to do the job.    "The blade extends about 5 ft. ahead of the 4-wheeler which gives me a great view of the tree as it's being cut. I use it on trees that are 6 ft. high or less and have a base diameter of 3 in. or less. On flat ground, I can remove a tree with a 1 1/2-in. base diameter while traveling at 5 to 7 mph. I cut the tree about 3/4 of an inch off the ground. Small caster wheels under the deck keep the blade out of the dirt.
  "As I approach the tree I slow down, which causes the front end of the ATV to drop down. The deck also drops down until the caster wheels contact the ground. By the time the ATV's front end comes back up the blade has cut all the way through the tree, which falls off to the side. Then I move on to the next tree."
  Cole says the saw's clutch and drive assembly are enclosed inside the frame where they're protected from dirt and debris. To remove the saw, he pulls one pin, unplugs a wire, and backs the ATV away.
  Cole says the saw is also safe to use. "As soon as I let up on the foot-operated switch the blade stops running."
  The saw works so well Cole has decided to manufacture it. "I can make the frame fit any ATV brand, although I prefer Polaris and Honda models because they have the strongest frames. All parts for my saw can be purchased at any lawn mower store, farm supply store or local lumber and hardware stores," he notes.
  Sells for $1,600 installed.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Cole, Rt. 2, Box 153, Vici, Okla. 73859 (ph 580 922-3201).

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