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"Vertical Auger" Spreaders Now On the Market
Vertical auger spreaders have been on the market for years in Europe. Two models are now being imported to North America and recently showed up at Canadian farm shows.
  Compared to conventional spreaders, the importers say the spreaders chew manure into smaller pieces and spread it in a much wider pattern, which results in less driving time. They also allow you to do a better job of "fine-tuning" the application rate. As a result, the nutrients in the manure are used more efficiently.


The Tornado 2 is available in three different models with capacities ranging from 9 to 15 tons. "The twin vertical beaters on back are equipped with aggressive, reversible teeth that spread manure in a pattern up to 40 ft. wide. The wide spreading pattern results in fewer trips over the field, which reduces soil compaction," says Trevor Sutcliffe, T.S. Fabrication, Walton, Ontario.
  An optional flail deck consisting of twin spinners can be installed on back, allowing you to spread lighter weight poultry manure very thinly and in an extra wide pattern - up to 60 ft. When using the flail deck, a canopy is installed over the twin vertical beaters, which breaks down the manure and forces it downward onto the spinners.
  "The flail deck lets you spread poultry manure thin enough that you can topdress it right onto standing crops such as corn and wheat. You can't do that with a conventional spreader," says Sutcliffe. "Chicken manure can be applied at rates as low as 2 tons per acre, which is almost impossible to do with a conventional spreader because you would have to drive at excessive speeds.
  A slurry door is used together with the flail deck and is hydraulically raised and lowered. A gauge on front of the spreader shows you how far the door is open off the floor. The speed of the spreader's floor chain can be adjusted hydraulically using a control knob in the back window of the tractor cab, or via an electronic control box inside the cab."
  The Tornado comes with hydraulic brakes and a sprung drawbar. It sells for $27,000 to $50,000 (Canadian).
  The company is looking for dealers.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, T.S. Fabrication, RR 1, Walton, Ontario, Canada N0K 1Z0 (ph 519 887-9319 or 519 887-9378 or 800 265-9682; fax 519 887-9011; E-mail: tsfab@bellnet.ca; Website: www.joskin.com).


   The Bunning Lowlander rides on large diameter wheels and has a low profile with flared sides for easy loading. The machine comes in five different models with capacities ranging from 7 1/2 to 15 tons. The twin vertical beaters on back are equipped with high tensile cutting points. When equipped with a spinner deck and canopy attachment, the rig can spread manure up to 60 ft. wide. The beaters are pto-driven, and the floor is hydraulic-driven with the option of remote electronic control from the tractor cab. A rubber-cushioned drawbar is optional, as is a guillotine-type slurry door. Load cells and a visual display in the tractor cab (optional) allow the driver to monitor application rates.
  "It's a heavy-built machine, and all parts on it are easy to service," says importer David Webster. "Many farmers in England use it to top dress chicken manure on wheat at a rate of only 1 1/2 tons per acre."
  The Bunning sells for $28,000 to $41,000 (Canadian).

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