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"Non-Powered" Treadle Gate Opens Automatically
You can open and shut this gate without ever getting out of your car or pickup. You don't even have to reach for a remote control.
  The "Gogate" is activated by driving the left front tire of your vehicle onto a metal ramp, or treadle. The treadle houses a cylinder filled with ethylene glycol, or antifreeze. As the treadle is compressed, the fluid activates a latch on the gate, allowing it to snap open. The gate stays open for a pre-determined "hang time", then automatically closes and latches shut.
  The "hang time" is adjusted by simply dialing a knob. Typically, with a car or pickup you want the gate to stay open for about 15 seconds, says the company. When the operator is pulling a trailer, a longer "hang time" is required. The gate can be left open for a maximum of two minutes. A manual gate release allows you to open the gate by hand when passing through on foot or horseback.
  The 5-ft. high gate is available in 12, 14, and 16-ft. wide models. Custom widths and heights are also available. If you want to use the gate across your farm or ranch entryway, you can order the gate with a standard "Sunburst" design, or with your own custom farm or ranch design. A 12-ft. farm or ranch entry gate sells for $4,995. A standard 12-ft. gate sells for $2,995.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dennis Steel Inc., 1105 Leander Drive, Leander, Texas 78641 (ph 512 259-4001; fax 512 259-1070; E-mail: gobob@GOGATE.net; Website: www.gogate.net).

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