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Feed Wagon Catches Cattle
"It's like having a portable stanchion barn out in your field," says Dave Martin, Grandview Farm Supply, Dayton, Va about his company's new self-locking feed wagon equipped with automatic head catchers for feeding and working on up to 33 animals at a time.
The 6 1/2-ft. wide feeder, available in lengths up to 30 ft., is designed to feed big round bales as well as silage or grain. Cattle feed through self-locking gates on the sides and rear of the wagon.
"It speeds up veterinary work because you can work on up to 33 full-grown cattle at a time," says Martin. "It works a lot better than chasing animals one at a time into a chute. That's tiring for both the operator and the animal. When you want to work on the animals, you simply set the gate controls so cattle lock themselves in as they reach through to eat. Cattle aren't even aware that they're caught so there's no bucking or ramming. There's a ladder at the front of the feeder so you can easily climb inside to work on the animals. It works great if you rent and don't want to invest in permanent feeding facilities or animal catching equipment. A head chute costs $500 to $700 and then you still need corral panels or a holding pen and an alleyway. Our feed wagon is a feeder, corral, and head chute all in one."
Controls at the front and rear of the wagon allow you to catch and release all animals simultaneously on each side of the wagon. Each gate can also be set to catch individual animals.
The wagon is equipped with its own brake system to hold it stationary. Fifth wheel tricycle-type steering on the front end allows 90? turns.
Models are available in 10, 20, or 30-ft. lengths. The 10-ft. model can be equipped with either skids or wheels. Stationary bunks equipped with adjustable bolt-down legs legs are also available for use Inside barns. Prices range from $1,650 to $5,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Grandview Farm Sup-ply, Farmway Agri Products Division, Rt. 1, Box 102, Dayton, Va. 22821 (ph 703 879-9330).

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