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Simple Idea Puts An End To Rust
Rust forms because iron atoms give off electrons. This process allows it to combine with hydrogen and oxygen to form new compounds, one of which is iron oxide, better known as rust. If you can somehow replace the missing electrons in the iron atoms before oxidation begins, rust doesn't happen.
  That's what Glen Morgan's new Rust BustR system does. It's based on a method which has been used for years by the U.S. Navy to keep ships from rusting. While Morgan didn't invent the idea, he did come up with a simple-to-use version by packaging a zinc-containing metal alloy with a magnet embedded in it. When attached to the surface of a metallic object with an adhesive that conducts electricity, it protects the iron by giving off electrons that would normally have been taken away from the iron. In other words, when you attach Morgan's device to your car, truck, tractor, tillage tool, etc., it corrodes away while whatever it's mounted on stays intact.
  It's easy to install Morgan's Rust BustR. It's a simple box that you just stick on the vehicle or implement in a place where it's not in the way. Under the hood or inside a wheel well works fine.
  Rust BustR sells for about $50 plus $10 for shipping anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rust BustR Rust Inhibiting System, GEMCO Enterprises, LLC, Box 1254, Shawnee, Okla. 74802 (ph 405 273-2232; fax 208 978-5105; Website: www.rustbustr.com).

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