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"Hack Into Your Car or Truck
Tired of taking your car or truck into the dealer every time that glowing "check engine" light comes on?
  One solution is to buy a diagnostic code reader that can "read" the codes out of your vehicle's on-board computer. But if you've got a computer - and you like fooling around with it - you can hack into your car's electronics yourself with no special equipment.
  There are a variety of programs on the internet for Windows computers. Prices range from a couple hundred dollars and up.
  Here are some places to look:
  • B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company at http://www.autotap.com. The company offers AutoTap scan tool programs for all domestic-built vehicles. The company also hosts http://obdii.com/codes.html, a website that lists the nearly 600 Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) for all engine diagnostic readers.
  • Software For Cars at http://www.softwareforcars.com has a location in the San Diego, California area and one in Nanoose Bay, British Columbia. In addition to diagnostic software, you can search company owner and master mechanic Henry Richter's website for assistance and E-mail him with specific questions. In the U.S., that address is: Software for Cars, Box 711450, Santee, Calif. 92072. In Canada, Software For Cars, 2770 Shooting Star Place, Nanoose Bay, B.C. V9P 9E4. Or send E-mail to info@SayHenry.com.
  • Rinda Technologies Inc. at www.rinda.com offers Diacom diagnostic software for GM cars and light trucks, and manufactures diagnostic equipment for the automotive and marine industries. The company has more than a decade of experience in the design and production of hand-held testers, computer software and electronic equipment. To see what types of products and services they offer, visit their website or write to them at Rinda Technologies, Inc., 4563 N. Elston Ave., Chicago Ill. 60630.
  • Freescan is a program for some older European and GM cars. It won't work with 1996 or newer vehicles, but it does work with some models of Camaro and Corvette from the late 1980's and early 1990's. Look at the website to see the exact cars it works with at http://www.andywhittaker.com/ecu/obdii_software.htm.

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