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Homemade Kneller
We have tried many methods to protect our blueberry crop from birds. We only have four bushes so we hate to lose them. We've tried netting, hanging pie pans, and a plastic hawk. Our best idea so far is an oscillating electric fan with colored streamers blowing out front. The movement, purring of the fan, and streamers are far more effective than the hawk. After we set the fan up, only a robin or two dared to go after the berries.
Here's another gardening idea that has worked out well for us. It's a homemade kneeler that protects your knees when you're on the ground and helps you get up. It consists of a square of plywood covered with a piece of white Styrofoam (held in place by tape). A riser made from two short 2 by 4's and a 1 by 4 crossbar makes it easy to push yourself up. (C.F. Marley, Nokomis, Ill.)

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2002 - Volume #26, Issue #5