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Aids Help With Poor Vision
If you or someone you know has trouble seeing and glasses don't provide enough help, there's some new equipment on the market that might help.
  Jordy II glasses look a little funny, but the headset magnifiers enable people with low vision to see objects at a distance, up close and at any range in between. It can let you watch television, read, write, work on hobbies like coin and stamp collecting, and, most importantly, see the faces of family members again.
  The headset is worn like a pair of glasses and contains a micro camera and small screen, so whatever is in front of the camera, no matter what distance, appears right in front of the user's eyes. It can magnify up to 30 times, allowing the user to read books, play cards or read fine print on legal contracts.
  Jordy II headsets can also be used as a desktop camera by placing it on a docking stand and aiming the camera at paperwork or other objects. It sends a wireless signal to a receiver on a monitor or television, so the user sees the object on the screen. It can magnify up to 50 times in this application.
  The headset weighs only about 8 oz., so it's not much heavier than a pair of thick glasses. It's battery operated, so you're not tethered to a long cord or an outlet in the wall. New users say it takes a short time to get accustomed to wearing it. Cost is around $3,000.
  The Aladdin Reading Machine from Telesensory, Sunnyvale, California, blows up anything you put on the table below the screen. A built-in camera magnifies objects on the screen up to 50 times. Models range from simple manual focus black and white units to top-of-the-line full color.
  Prices range from around $1,400 up, depending on the model.
  For Jordy II, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Allied Technologies, Inc. Low Vision Electronics, 11440 Lakeland Drive, Osseo, Minn. 55369 (ph 763 425-8660; toll-free 800 267-5350; E-mail: webmaster@alliedtec.com; Website: http://www.alliedtec.com/jordy_ii.html). For Aladdin Reading Machines, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Telesensory Corporation, 520 Almanor Avenue, Sunnyvale, Calif. 94085 (ph 408 616-8700 or 800 804-8004; E-mail: info@telesensory.com; Website: www.telesensory.com).

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