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Worlds Biggest Ear Of Corn
The world's biggest ear of corn isn't in a field or showcase. It adorns the side of a barn on the Vernon Taylor farm near Williamsburg in Warren County, Ind.
The modernistic painting of a huge ear of corn is one of three eye-catching murals which are winning acclaim from local people and tourists alike in the community.
"It all started as a project to involve students to get more art into their community," explains Dorothy Paul, art teacher at Seeger Memorial High School in West Lebanon, Ind. The Indiana Arts Commission, which gives grants for such purposes, provided $1,700 and the community raised the same amount.
For the first of three murals, the students painted the giant ear of corn on the Vernon Taylor barn near Williamsburg. The project took about 1 1/2 weeks to complete.
The second "community" mural painted is a historic scene showing William Henry Harrison and some of his troops marching in November, 1811 on their way to the Battle of Tippecanoe. This scene is painted on a barn on the William Winfield Mathis farm near Attica, Ind.
The third mural is more contemporary and shows three vegetables a raddish, a carrot and a turnip and two lengths of rope. It's painted on the side of the Warren County Historical Museum in Williamsburg.
Scaffolding for the painting projects was paid for by the Arts Commission. Paint for the murals was donated. Some of the funds went to the artists who created the original sketches. A small amount of money from the fund was given to the participating students for T-shirts and the painting crew chiefs were paid $50 each for their organizational efforts.
"The students had to sign a release saying they wouldn't sue the school or the farmer if they got hurt on the job," Dorothy told FARM SHOW. "The murals have become popular attractions in the community and we think the idea has possibilities in other communities interested in adding a splash of color and a touch of art. We would be happy to share our experience in working out the details for painting specific murals on the sides of barns and other buildings, and our experience in funding such a project."
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dorothy Paul, 900 South 10th Street, Lafayette, Ind. 47905 (ph 317 742-8256).

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