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360 grain wagon unloader
You can unload in any direction, mix feed, and even aerate grain with a new first-of-itskind 360? "swivel auger" grain cart from Grain King Carts, Inc., Hazelton, Kan.
The 400 bu. cart's L-shaped auger consists of an upright 8 1/2 ft. section and a horizontal 14 1/2 ft. section. The entire auger rotates 360? to unload grain or feed from any side of the cart and also pivots from side to side for extra reach and clearance. The auger spout, enclosed by a rubber boot ,can be positioned anywhere from 2 to 18 ft. above the ground.
"The auger makes this cart more versatile than other grain hauling wagons on the market," says Eldon Trindle, a custom combiner who's already built and sold 50 units. "Other carts have solid-mount augers which unload from only one side. If you're unloading into a truck on uneven ground, or if the tractor hauling the cart has dual wheels, the auger is often too short to reach the center of the truck. This auger's length, combined with its rotating and pivoting capability, lets you unload from either side of the cart and from virtually any angle. You can maneuver the auger around without having to move the truck or tractor."
The auger unloads 400 bu. of dry grain in 31/2 min. "Its 18 ft. vertical reach and fast unloading action works great for unloading directly into bins, especially if you're harvesting fields close to home," says Trindle. "Also, you can use this auger to directly fill granaries or auger hoppers. The rubber boot on the end of the auger prevents wind from blowing grain on the ground."
Here's how the auger works. A pto-driven horizontal auger along the bottom of the cart force feeds grain to the upright auger. Grain moves up this auger, through an "elbow" fitted with a 90? gearbox and into the horizontal auger. "The gearbox is the same type used to auger grain inside most combines," notes Trindle.
The upright auger attaches to the front side of the cart with a recessed rotating flange. A hydraulic rotating motor drives a chain and sprocket to rotate the auger 360? within this flange. A 4 by 8-in. hydraulic cylinder, located at the base of the auger, pivots the auger 2 ft. from side to side, allowing it to be lowered to within 18 in. of the ground or raised 18 ft. high. Tractor hydraulics drive the rotating motor and the cylinder, and open and close a door on the bottom of the cart.
According to Trindle, the cart also works great for filling drills and planters. "Farmers who use offset multiple drill hookups can rotate and pivot the auger to fill any of the drills, whereas conventional truck unloading augers don't have enough reach and work only half as fast."
The cart even aerates grain by extending the auger back over the cart, and closing up the spout. A series of graduated holes opens up on the bottom side of the auger. Wet grain circulates up through the auger, drops through the holes and back into the cart. "We've removed 1 or 2 percentage points of moisture right in the cart this way," says Trindle.
The cart also fills feed bunks. "One customer grinds three or four 65 bu. batches of feed at a time in a grinder-mixer and dumps it into the cart. That way he doesn't have to grind feed every day. The cart can mix ground corn, but rougher feeds such as haylage and silage need an agitator for better mixing. We're now building agitators."
The 400 bu. cart lists for $9A50. Trindle says he also plans to build a 650 bu. model.
For more information, contact FARM SHOW Followup, Grain King Carts, Inc., 200 West Main, Hazelton, Kan. 67061 (ph 316 239-4212).

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