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Cultivator Switches From Corn To Soybeans
If you're switching to narrow row soybeans, or thinking about it, the new "Space Setter" cultivator from J & J Guide Systems may be just the machine you're looking for. Designed to switch in minutes from 30 in. corn rows to 15 in. narrow-row soybeans, the manufacturer says it'll do an equally good job in both crops.
"Many farmers changing to narrow row beans find they have to build their own equipment. We believe we've got the first cultivator designed to do the best possible job in both wide and narrow rows," says Jack Larson, manufacturer along with his father John of the new-style cultivator.
The Larsons are well-known to FARM SHOW readers as the farmer-inventors of the Cultiguide, an automatic steering device for tractors that mounts on your planter during planting, digging a narrow groove that the tractor can follow automatically during cultivation at high speed (first featured in FARM SHOW's Vol. 2, No. 5 issue).
The 20 ft. Space Setter features nine individually floating row gangs, each outfitted with two adjustable gauge wheels. It's available in two models one designed for 30 in. corn and 15 in. soybeans, and one for 36 in. corn and 18 in. soybeans.
"There are five S-tines on each gang. In corn rows, there is one gang between every row. To switch to narrow rows, you just unbolt and remove the rear tine, which takes just a couple minutes. The gauge wheels slide in or out on each gang, depending on the size and state of the crop."
To leave skip rows, the rear tine stays in place on the two rows behind the tractor wheels. Crop shields are available to hang from the folding toolbar.
Jack Larson says the floating gangs on the Space Setter are also unique to the market. "The gangs oscillate about 2 in. either way, following the contour of the field and tractor tracks. You get more uniform depth control and miss fewer weeds," he explains.
Each gang hangs from a round support pipe attached to a hinge just below the parallel linkage on the toolbar. The gauge wheels on each gang control their depth of cultivation.
The 20 ft. Space Setter, for eight 30 in. corn rows and thirteen 15 in. soy-bean rows, sells for $4,414.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J & J Guide Systems, Sanborn, Minn. 56083 (ph 507 648-3720).

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