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Giant Homemade Press Straightens Floor On Big Earth-Moving Scraper
Don McColl, Neidpath, Sask.: "I'm in the earth moving business and when the floor in my big earth-moving scraper got bent, I had to find a way to straighten the floor. I decided to make a giant press using big sections of channel iron from a demolished grain elevator and two 20-ton hydraulic jacks.
  "It eliminated the need to do a lot of cutting with a torch, which would then have to be rewelded and reinforced. I used it only for this one job, but it's always there ready to be used again. The floor will eventually bend again.
  "I used railroad ties to space the two pairs of channel irons about 2 ft. apart. A pair of heavy steel arms hold the two pairs of channel irons together. The scraper floor was positioned part way between the two sets of channel irons. A pair of hydraulic jacks were placed side by side on top of the floor. By raising the jacks up against the top channel irons I was able to exert downward pressure on the floor and straighten it out.
  "It worked as well as I hoped it would. The main top channel iron was bending upward slightly so I chained another, shorter length of channel iron on top of it for extra strength."

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2002 - Volume #26, Issue #3